Here are a few articles that captures Sun Brewing.

Manifesto for Sun Brewing             

We are cooking (brewing) Beer and Food and inspire others do it.  Cooking is all the subjects… Art, Science, and History.  Cooking like Art, is subjective through its creature.   

Through this art work we have come to value:


  • The Beer Cooking Process over the end result
  • Creativity and Originality over institutionalization
  • Revolutionaries over the establishment
  • Sincere Customer Service over routine customer service


While any business could function with basic items on the Right and there is value with the items on the right, we strive with the values on the Left more. 


We follow these 10 Commandments:

Our highest priority is to satisfy the customer
through regional flavors, culture and genuineness.

Welcome all people, come as you are.

Strive to deliver beer more frequently and to more clients... by planning to continuously figure out new innovative ways of production.

Build more relationships with all people of all backgrounds... not just “craft beer establishments”.

The best method of 
relationship building is to have face-to-face conversation.

Relationships are the primary measure of progress.

Continuously strive to press the limits and to experiment.

The art of Simplicity is essential, stick to our core values.

The best ideas and designs emerge from Collaborations.

Routinely, have a Beer with coworkers and build a Sun Brewing family.


 February, 2001. “Agile Manifesto”.


My background is in the IT field and Software Engineering and the Agile Manifesto structure and concepts has had a profound impact on me.   The Manifesto for Sun Brewing was inspired by the Agile Manifesto.  

Founder, CEO & Brewmaster.

-- David A Slocum

David's  background.

My father is a retired military officer, which allowed me to travel a lot moving every two years or less growing up.  This was a great life’s experience because I was able to see many different cultures and meet lifelong friends from different places and to see the different cuisines and drinks.  

I followed in my father’s footsteps and I’m a former Marine who joined right after 911. Oorah Marines !   I graduated with a Bachelor’s degree in Computer Science from Middle Tennessee State University and I’m currently a Software Engineer for Hewlett Packard in El Paso, Texas.

If I was ever from a place then it would be El Paso, all things considering... even though I've lived in a lot of places in my life, I went to Morehead Middle School, Coronado HS, UTEP and I've lived here for almost a decade since I got out of the Marines. I've made El Paso my home.   

HP is my day job and I’m proud to work for a great company like HP however I’m following my dreams.. I’m going for it and I’m going to start a business doing something that I love !  Brewing Good Beer.

Sun Brewing Co.

There is nothing more intimate than crafting something home made from someone's hands to another's


Sun Brewing StartupVideo

We started our journey back in the garage of my house. We had absolutely no idea what we were doing. Our first batch of beer was nothing great. I decided to give it a few more tries and I found a love and passion I never knew before. I can now brew what I love - BEER!!! So a  Crazy idea popped in my head: To open my own Brewery :) 

I love creative ways of brewing and experimenting, turning it into my masterpiece. That’s how this awesome idea came to be!  ...and I couldn’t be happier crafting good beer.

Our Story