Tepache IPA

This beer has and element of Spontaneous Fermentation and was soured with Tepache. Released Aug 2017




***  I also make a non-alcoholic drink called Tepache.   It's a tropical drink made with Pineapple skin , clavos, piloncillo and cinnamon sticks.  This is a fermented drink from a bacterial contamination naturally occurring from the ingredients.  --- I've been making this since opening day.

Hey Man IPA

 6 ABV & 60 IBU's - released Oct. 2015

Mole Madre Ale

Mole Ale is made with generational Mole sauce and Smoked Cock Bones - released Jan. 2017

Soon to be Released

My Spontaneous Trivium Series of Wild Ales

 #1 Ballad of Giglamesh

#2 Plato's Delight

#3 Charlemagne's Holy Grail 

My 100 percent spontaneous fermentation series.

Saison de Membrillo - Farmhouse Ale - Comming Soon...



Atole Breakfast Stout

 Made with Abuelita Chocolate based Atole.  

4.5 ABV & 30 IBU's - released Jun 2015

Vagabundo - Fruited & Spiced - Sour Ale

This beer has an element of Spontaneous Fermentation. This beer was made with Abuelita Mexican Chocolate, Oranges, Hibiscus and Achiote Chile.  - Released Aug 2017




Nicodemus Cheery Sour Ale

Released May 2017





Left Turn at Albuquerque -American Ale

​6 ABV & 43 IBU's

Meados de Alien Ale

American two row, crystal malt, Nugget hops, Ahtanum hops and California Ale yeast, Apricots & New Mexican Chili peppers.

Meados de Alien Ale is a fruity beer of Apricots and New Mexican Chili peppers.  The chilis slightly warm the apricots.  The apricot and chili pepper combination is a classic borderland flavor. 

6.0 ABV & 30 IBU's 


El Chingon Footlong

made with Nopalitos 

El Guapo's Footlong

Footlong with Potato Wedges, Slaw, BBQ Sauce

Chili Cheese Slaw Dog

Nathan's dog with chili, cheese, and slaw

Popeye Dog

Jumbo Jumbo Dog cut in half grilled with Spinach, Olive Oil, Tomatoes, Cheeses, sauces

Frijolero Dog

Jumbo Jumbo dog cut in half and grilled with refried beans, cheese, onions, sunny side up egg and salsa

Coney Island Hotdog

Nathan's Hot dog topped with mustard, chilli no beans and diced onions.

Hot Dog Surprise

I get creative and surprise you.  Surprise!!!

Danish Dog

Fried onions, diced onions, ketchup, mustard and pickles.

Beer Brat

Bratwurst cooked in Beer with onions then thrown on a grill.

Round Brat 

Beer Brats stacked on a grilled Burger Bun with melted cheese, mustard and kraut.  

Round Dog

 Grilled dogs stacked on a Hamburger bun with cheese and sauce.

49ers - 49 cent Dogs!

Corn Dogs

Chips & Salsa

101 La Union Avenue, Canutillo, TX, United States


Meados de Alien  Ale, Intercourse Ale and Sun IPA was the First Batch of Beer at Sun Brewing for the Grand Opening July 5th, 2014. 

Wasshoppening Wild Malt Liquor

This beer has an element of Spontaneous Fermentation.  - Released Dec 2017




Left Turn at Albuquerque Ale

 6 ABV & 40 IBU's 

                   Sour & Wild Ales  

All of my Sour & Wild Ales have an element of Spontaneous Fermentation to it..


Seasonal Beer

Tamarindo Ale

 This is from Cooking with El Guapo - Episode 2  

I give my recipe for Tamarindo Ale and Brew it paired with my Tamarindo Chicken.

Meados de Santa Claus


This beer is basically the same as Meados de Alien except that this beer has extra Christmas time spices.

6.6 ABV & 30 IBU's - released Dec. 26th, 2015 (released the day after Christmas every year)

Cooking with El Guapo - The BeerReleases from my Cooking Show - Over 24 episodes over two years!!

Nicodemus Cheery Stout Sour Ale

Released May 2017




Three Fonzies Altbier


5.5 ABV & 30 IBU's - released June 2015

Farmhouse Ales


Sun Tepache - Sour Beer

Made the traditional way that Tepache is made except substitute the water for Wort.  This beer was soured in the Wort for 3 days with spontaneous fermentation then Boiled then Open fermented. This beer has Pineapple skins, cloves, piloncillo and cinnamon sticks. 3.3 ABV - Released July 2016




Sun Tamale Top Ale

Made differently every year with Sweet Tamales.

The first year was made with Tamales Dulces have raisons, coconut, Abuelita Chocolate. 

My 3rd Anniversary Edition was a Rum Raisin Tamale Top Ale made with Bacardi Oakheart Spiced Rum, California Golden Raisins, and Membrillo.  7 ABV.  

***This was the first Local Beer ever distributed in El Paso, Texas.  

This beer is made every September

​​New Released

El Dorado IPA

***Avacado Sour Ale

Sensual Tamarind Wedding Ale

Restless Gypsy Ceviche Ale

Made with Ceviche - fish, cilantro, peppers & lime




My Borderland Avant Garde Style of Beers

Stouts & Dark Spiced Beer


Vertigo Ale

Pale Ale made with Captain Cook's Fancy Kona Coffee. Released May 2016. 

Ard Draoi Irish Red Ale


5.5 ABV & 15 IBU's - released March 2017

Atreyu Belgian Ale

Released Mar 2017




Loud Mouth Chinook IPA

Released Feb 2017

Descalzo Hybrid  Ale

This beer was made with Pinot Grigio Grape must from local Mesa Vista Vineyard & Winery.  The pinot grigio was soaked in Mezcal.

5.3 ABV & 25 IBU's - released every November

Woo-woo Ale

  5ABV & 30 IBU's - released May 2017

My Charisma Ale

  5.6ABV 40 IBU Released 2017

My food is Classic Comfort Food

Amber Ales & Malt Liquor


Alegre Ale

  Ale made with a little Grapefruit and single Hopped with Ahtanum.  Ahtanum hops have grapefruit notes.  Released April 2016.


Falkor Belgian Ale

Released Mar 2017




Fruit & Spiced Beer


Sun Tepache - Sour Beer 

 This is from Cooking with El Guapo - Episode 12  

I show the basics of Traditional Tepache and how I make it into a Sour Beer.

Gypsies' Brew


Ale made with Roses, Hierba de Vibora, & Amaranth Grain. Released May 2016.


Sun Calientito Ale

This beer was made with classic Calientito ingredients.  Released in December.

5.3 ABV & 25 IBU's - released every December

The Sundowner Dark & Shandy Ale

 5 ABV & 20 IBU's - released Aug 2017

Swords & Ale - American Wild Ale

Made with Abuelita Chocolate and Hibiscus. 4.3 ABV - Released Aug 2016.




Huitlacoche WildflowerAle

 This beer is made with the delicacy Huitlacoche with local Wildflower honey.  

5.5 ABV & 15 IBU's - released Dec. 2015

Project Clover - Inspired by my travels to Ireland.


Holy HueracheAle

 Amber Ale.   

5.3 ABV & 30 IBU's - released Feb. 2016

Avocado Ale

 This beer is a Pale Ale made with Avocados.    

6.3 ABV & 23 IBU's - released March 2015

Nincompoop Continuously Hopped IPA

 Knocked out in the 3rd for the National IPA Championships!

6 ABV & 60 IBU's - Feb 2017

Sun Mole Ale

Mole Ale is made with authentic Classic Mexican Mole sauce.  This beer has a Abuelita Mexican Chocolate and chili taste.  

5.2 ABV & 30 IBU's - released Dec. 2014

Mystic IPA

Mystic is a blonde citrus IPA

5.6 ABV & 80 IBU's - released November 2014

Sun Tamarindo Ale

(The original release)

Tamarindo Ale is made with the Tamarindo Candy.   

5.3 ABV & 25 IBU's - released November 2014

Intercourse Ale

American two row, crystal malt, chocolate malt, Ahtanum hops, California Ale yeast, Abuelita Mexican Chocolate, cinnamon sticks & star anise.


4.2 ABV & 30 IBU's - released July 2014

Tasting Room

Canutillo Hoppy Vampires' Brew - 6 ABV - Made with Hibiscus


 Cinderella loves Frankenstein - Hybrid Pumpkin Ale

Made with Cinderella Pumpkins, spices, and Cabernet Grape Must from local Vineyard Mesa Vista. 


note: If you want an item from an old Menu, like the Tripita Dog, then please shoot me a message on facebook in advance and I'll get the ingredients to make it for you.

Magick Carpet Sour Ale

This beer has and element of Spontaneous Fermentation and was soured with Apricots. Released Aug 2017




Flower, herb and Spiced Ales


IPA Releases

Jarhead Double IPA

 9 ABV & 100 IBU's

This is from Episode 7 and hopped with US Tettnanger and Nugget.  

Sun Tamarindo Ale

Tamarindo Ale is a sweet beer with tartness and slight hints of chili made with the actual Taraminds where the original Tamarindo Ale was made with the Mexican Candy

5.3 ABV & 25 IBU's - released August 2015

Tepache Tamarindo - INDIGENOUS Ale

International Gold Medal Award winning Beer - Released April 2017.




Lunatic Hopped Voodoo Cock Ale

Continuously Single Hopped Beer of Tettnang and this beer is a spin off the Famous Cock Ale however I only boil the chicken bones for savory flavor along with spices...like cloves.  6.3 ABV , Released June 2016.

This is the First beer from my "Lunatic Hopped Theatre Series" of Beer based off my Poem "The Green Yakima Chief".  



We also have Specials of the Day by creating special home style meals to pair with the Beers.

Sun Arkhangelisk - RIS

 Russian Imperial Stout.  - released Jan 2017

A Series of 3 Stouts

1. Cheeky Devil - Tropical Stout - Released Oct 2017
2. Angels' Share - FES - Released Oct 2017
3. Irish Goodbye - Irish Dry Stout


The People of The Sun Jamaica Ale

This beer is made with Flor de Jamaica the Hibiscus Flower and is released every February around Valentine's Day.  

6 ABV & 30 IBU's - released April 2015

Chamoy Ale

 This beer is made with different blends of Mexican Chamoy sauces.

5.3 ABV & 23 IBU's - released Feb. 2015 

Mystic Black IPA

 Mystic Black has Abuelita Chocolate and Vanilla beans  

5.6 ABV & 80 IBU's - November 2014

The Sun Will only Shine for You and I  IPA

 This IPA is continuously Hopped

6 ABV & 60 IBU's - April 2015

Canuto Malt Liquor

Made with Chicales and spiked with Corn Syrup.  

6.9 ABV & 15 IBU's - released Aug. 2015

Nicodemus Saison Ale

Released May 2017




Previously Released Beer.

Hoppy JamaicaAle

 A Hoppy beer that is made with For de Jamaica (Hibiscus Flower) & Guava.   5.0 ABV & 50 IBU's - released Feb. 2016

 With all my Love Saphire - Malt Liquor

Made with Blue Corn.  

5.6 ABV & 15 IBU's - released April. 2016

Three Little Pigs Porter

Made with smoked Pig Heads & Bones - released Aug. 2017

Gypsies' Beer Music Gruit

Made with Hierba de Vibora for an herbal undertone and Lemons for a preservative and slight bitterness and local honey. 6.3 ABV - Released Aug 2016.




Cinderella Loves Ale

This beer was made with Cinderella Pumpkins with classic pumpkin pie spices.  

5.3 ABV & 25 IBU's - released every mid October

American Pale Ales

I always circle back around to make the Previously Released beers every few months that are Beloved, such as, Tamarindo Ale, Chamoy Ale, Jamaica Ale, and Gipsy Dude IPA.   


Frankenstein Hybrid  Ale

This beer was made with Syrah Grape must from local Mesa Vista Vineyard & Winery. 

5.3 ABV & 25 IBU's - released every October

Azul Malt Liquor

Spiked with Blue Agave.  

5.6 ABV & 15 IBU's - released Feb. 2016

Tamarindo Stout

Released Jun. 2017

Tamarindo Porter

Released Jun. 2017

Gipsy Dude IPA

 A continuously Hopped IPA

6 ABV & 60 IBU's - released May 2015

Green Mole Ale

 This beer is made wit Authentic Green Mole sauce. 

6.6 ABV & 30 IBU's - released March 2015

The Fozzie Stout

The first Fozzie was a Lime Stout.  This beer will be a revolving recipe intented for different style Stouts. Every release will have a different flavor profile.

6 ABV & 45 IBU's - Dec. 2014