The first Local Craft Beer ever Distributed in El Paso, Texas.  Tamale Top Ale.

Custom Ventilation

posted April 21st

Building a Patio Fence

                    2x4's, 4x4's and Lattice

Inside Brewery

Fresh Paint - chocolate color.

It's taking a little time but I couldn't have done all this without help from my good friends.  I still have a long ways to go...  my plan is to come work after I get off of my day job and on the weekends.  2/18/2014

Almost Finished with the outside painting.

Company Logo and Sign Painted.

Painting the Tasting Room


Taking down the old restaurant Sign.


Cooking with El Guapo - Episode 1 

Sun Brew History

  • Founded February 2014 by David A Slocum
  • Will be the first Authentic Craft Brewery in El Paso County with my Borderland Avant Garde Style of Brewing.  In the 1800's with The Harry Mitchel Brewery would be the first  Brewery in El Paso.  Jaxon's was the first to make craft beer in El Paso.  What I mean by authentic is that all my recipes are original crafted for a Borderland flavor not commoditized.  No extract brewing or contract brewing... 100 percent all grain brewing.   Sun Brewing Co is a brewery with the intent to distribute. 
  • Will be the only operational Brewery in El Paso County.
  • Grand Opening July 5th, 2pm
  • First Event - Rock N Roll bands.. Green Light Go and Arsonkill, Aug 16th
  • First Client Tosca Stone Oven Pizzeria - Special Keg Tappingevent forTamale Top Ale, Sept 27th
  • First Craft Beer Festival attended - Brew at The Zoo , Feb 28, 2015.  
  • ​Sun Brewing's first own Craft Beer Festival - Sun Brewing's Keg Party on the Rio Grande. June 6th, 2015
  • Sun Brewing Presents "Cooking with El Guapo" a cooking show devoted to cooking Food and cooking (brewing) Beer. -- Jan. 7th, 2016.
  • International Gold Medal Winner for the 2017 Denver International Beer Competition - Tepache Tamarindo Ale - Indigenous Beer Category.  


The building across, where the arrow points is where I'll setup the Brewery.

The first Local Brewery taking part in Brew at the Zoo, El Paso, Texas.  

Short Film - Journey to Sun Brewing

The first Local Brewery Hosting own Beer Festival on the Rio Grande.  Keg Party on the Rio Grande.  

Kegs finally arrived !

Today 5/12/2014

Big Thanks to Summit Electrical Supply !

My tables !  Rustic looking... 3/22/2014